谷歌丨Chrome 10周年

2018-09-03 14:54:19 / 打印

Google’s Chromebrowser is now 10 years old

Google first released its Chrome browser 10years ago today. Marketed as a “fresh take on the browser,” Chrome debuted witha web comic from Google to mark the company’s first web browser. It wasoriginally launched as a Windows-only beta app before making its way to Linuxand macOS more than a year later in 2009. Chrome debuted at a time whendevelopers and internet users were growing frustrated with Internet Explorer,and Firefox had been steadily building momentum.10年前的今天(9月2日)谷歌首次发布了 Chrome 浏览器。Chrome 以漫画的形式完成了它的初次亮相,声称要带来「前所未有的网页浏览体验」,这标志着谷歌第一次进入浏览器市场。Chrome 起初只在 Windows 上有 beta 版的应用程序,谷歌发布其 Linux 和 macOS 的版本已经是 2009 年之后的事了。当时,开发着和互联网用户对 Internet Explorer 的不满愈发强烈,而 Firefox 则只是以一个平稳的势头发展。

Google used components from Apple’s WebKitrendering engine and Mozilla’s Firefox to help bring Chrome to life, and itmade all of Chrome’s source code available openly as its Chromium project.Chrome focused on web standards and respected HTML5, and it even passed boththe Acid1 and Acid2 tests at the time of its release. This was a significantstep as Microsoft was struggling to adhere to open web standards with itsInternet Explorer browser.谷歌使用来自苹果的 WebKit 渲染引擎和部分Firefox 的组件来搭建 Chrome,并且通过建立Chromium 项目公开可用公开了所有的源代码。Chrome 非常重视网页标准的要求、积极接纳 HTML5,甚至在发布时通过了 Acid1 和 Acid2 测试。当时,微软正妄图使其 Internet Explorer 浏览器成为新的网页标准,Chrome 的发布对此进程产生极大阻碍。


最初的 Chrome 图标

Another significant part of Chrome’s firstrelease was the idea of “sandboxing” individual browser tabs so that if onecrashed it wouldn’t affect the others. This helped improve the speed andstability of Chrome in general, alongside Google’s V8 JavaScript engine thatthe company constantly tweaked to try and push the web forwards.初版 Chrome 的另一个买点就是「沙盒化」每一个标签页,这样如果其中标签页一个崩溃了,也不会影响到其他标签页,大体上,这样做有助于提高 Chrome 的速度和稳定性。同时谷歌的 V8 JavaScript 引擎也在不断调整,试图推动网页技术的发展。

After a decade of Chrome, this browser nowdominates as the primary way most people browse the web. Chrome has securedmore than 60 percent of browser market share on desktop, and Google’s Chromeengineers continue to improve it with new features and push the latest webstandards. Chrome has morphed into more than just a web browser, and you couldargue it’s an entire platform that now runs on top of Windows, macOS, Linux,Android, and even iOS.经过十年的的发展,Chrome 现在已经在市场中占据了主导地位,成为大多数人浏览网页时的第一选择。Chrome 已经占据了桌面浏览器市场份额在 60% 以上,而谷歌的 Chrome 工程师任然在继续赋予它的新功能并推动网页标准的发展。Chrome 已经不仅仅是一个浏览器了,你可以认为它是一个在 Windows,MacOS,Linux,Android,甚至 iOS 上运行的完整的系统级平台。

Chrome 的第一个正式版本

Chrome now powers Chrome OS, Google’slightweight operating system for laptops and now tablets. While it might not betotally ready for tablets just yet, Google has been bringing Android apps overto Chrome OS to make its Chromebooks and tablets more useful. Evenfully-fledged Linux apps are coming to Chrome OS in the near future, and Chromeis helping push progressive web apps to make web apps a lot better. Chromehasn’t seen a major redesign in years, but a Material Design Refresh is headingto the browser this month.谷歌目前正在推动一个基于Chrome 搭建的轻量级的系统 ——Chrome OS,主要用于笔记本电脑和平板电脑。虽然这个系统目前还不能很好得适应平板电脑,但谷歌已经将安卓应用引入 Chrome OS,使得次系统在 Chromebook 和平板电脑上更加好用。甚至在不久的将来,发展完善的 Linux 应用程序也将进入Chrome OS,同时 Chrome 也在帮助先发的网页应用改善它们的使用体验。多年来,Chrome 的设计语言都没有大的改动,但这个月开始一个名为 Material Design 的设计语言将被引入。

Chrome’s future now looks more and morelike a platform rather than its humble beginnings as a web browser. There areconcerns Chrome is turning into the new Internet Explorer 6 due to itsdominance among web developers, and Google’s “works best with Chrome”messaging. As Google engineers continue to steer the very latest web standardsand push them into Chrome, other browser makers will need to catch up or be leftbehind by Google’s rapid iteration. It certainly feels like Chrome has beenhere a lot longer than 10 years, though. If browsers turned into platforms injust a decade, how might they morph over the next 10 years?Chrome 的未来似乎是向着平台化的方向推进,而不是像最初那样做一个简单的网页浏览器。由于 Chrome 在网页开发者中的统治地位和谷歌的「Chrome 至上」理念,人们担心它正在变成新的 Internet Explorer 6。随着谷歌的工程师持续操纵最新的网络标准的制定并将其推向适应 Chrome 的方向,其他浏览器开发商只能被迫追随谷歌的脚步或者被市场抛弃。Chrome所带来的深远影响让业界感觉其发布的时间远不止 10 年这么短。如果一个浏览器在短短的十年里就发展成了一个平台,那么它们在未来10年后,它还会有怎样惊人的转变呢?