Bye, Bye, Google

2019-02-05 16:30:11 / 打印

Why go through all this trouble? I’ve grown increasingly concerned this past year with how much access Google has to our lives. They are the world’s biggest advertising company and they have access to most of our web browsing via Google Chrome (62.5% market share – although given the amount of broken websites (some explicitly Chrome-only!) I’ve found since switching to Firefox, I believe this number may actually be higher), all our website visitors via Google Analytics and Google Fonts. Much of our communication via GMail and Google Apps and much of the content we consume every day via YouTube. I’m not even going to get into all the information they gather from people who use Android phones. While I don’t believe that folks working at Google are actively trying to do harm, I believe that, due to the sheer size of the company, no one is truly at the helm and this massive organism will tend toward maximizing profits at whatever expense so I’ve decided to do my best to support the smaller alternatives that are out there.

为什么要经历这一切?在过去的一年里,我越来越关注谷歌对我们生活的访问权限。他们是世界上最大的广告公司,他们可以通过谷歌浏览器访问我们的大部分网页浏览量(62.5%的市场份额 - 尽管有大量破损的网站(有些只是纯铬版)!我发现自从切换到Firefox后,我相信这个数字实际上可能更高),我们所有的网站访问者都通过谷歌分析和谷歌字体。我们通过GMail和Google Apps进行的大部分沟通以及我们每天通过YouTube消费的大部分内容。我甚至不打算从使用Android手机的人那里收集所有信息。虽然我不相信在谷歌工作的人会积极地试图伤害我,但我相信,由于公司的庞大规模,没有人真正掌舵,这个庞大的机构将倾向于以任何代价最大化利润所以我决定尽我所能来支持那里的小型替代品。

P.S. Here’s a funny response I got to an account close e-mail from just as I was writing this post! They’re offering me the privilege to keep my user account and receive their news.


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